01 décembre 2006

Terrible spring of tenderness ! ((v.d))

Actually my foot is higher than my dream
Which almost means I am a worm.
I wonder the warrior strong asleep in my scream
To figure out this world of storm!

Absolutely nothing. I wake up and go through
A vision not so nice: a hangman on a tree,
To focus on the string which will lead to the true,
With the hope of a door wide open just for me.

Then my beard hurts my arm of some red impressions,
The favours of a love extinguish the nightmare
And applause at the end the exhausted lion
For the wise advantage of nothing more to scare.

The bubble of my cage is about to explode,
Your presence is for me a wonderful exode

1 commentaire:

  1. I've still got the signed copy of this! Hope the poet has had a good christmas and has a happy new year!!


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